Case Studies and Testimonials

Testimonial - Lower Interest and Better Payments

Lower Interest and Better Payments than I could get on my credit card!

Sharon, a homeowner from Scranton, PA, utilized the NRIA as a resource after losing a battle with her insurance company; the insurance company refused to pay for roof damage from a hailstorm. Sharon needed the work done as soon as possible because her roof and skylights were leaking into her home with each passing day. After finding, Sharon soon discovered the interest rate offered through the NRIA/provider was better than she could get at her bank -- and the monthly payment was very affordable at only $35/month -- for a roof! Not only was the interest rate and payment exactly where it needed to be, but also grateful that the install team was at her home three days later to begin repairing the roof.

Testimonial - No Pressure and No Fee

No Pressure and No Fee for using NRIA resources! 

Lester, a homeowner from Matamoras, PA, and his wife found through an internet search for home repairs for their leaky roof. Lester found to be an invaluable resource - both in the ease and no commitment of connecting to a contractor, and that there was no fee to the homeowner for using the NRIA’s services. Throughout the process, Lester felt he was in great hands -- the roofing crew was timely, did the work correctly, and gave him full confidence! 

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