If you can’t find the answer to your question here or elsewhere on our website, please feel free to call us toll free at (877)591-2672 where representatives are available Monday thru Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) to answer any additional questions you may have.

Is the National Residential Improvement Association affiliated with the Government?
No.  The National Residential Improvement Association is not affiliated with any local, state or federal government office or program.  NRIA is a private sector, non-government association of thoroughly pre-screened contractors that endeavor to help consumers get the home improvements they need by utilizing a wide variety of programs that most consumers are not aware of.

Does the National Residential Improvement Association sell home improvements?
NRIA does
not sell home improvement products.

Does the National Residential Improvement Association offer loans for home improvements?
NRIA does
not offer or arrange home improvement loan(s) for consumers.

Does the National Residential Improvement Association receive commissions from participating contractors, lenders or mortgage brokers?
NRIA does
not receive commissions from any contractor, lender or mortgage broker that has agreed to participate in our program or otherwise.

Then who pays for this program?
Participating contractors sponsor our program in it’s entirety so that we can offer our services to consumers free of charge.  They pay for all of the costs associated with our program including the printing and mailing expenses for all NRIA informational publications, brochures, and/or any educational materials that we provide to consumers free of charge in addition to all of the administrative costs associated with handling all consumer inquiries and dispute resolution.

Why do contractors pay to sponsor your program?
They sponsor our program for a number of reasons.

Sponsoring our program generally results in new customers, referrals and subsequently additional revenue.  Our sponsors generally do not mind where their fees come from, whether it be from a government grant, special interest loan or more conventional loan programs.  And, they do not mind showing consumers like yourself how to benefit from the tax credits or special programs you may be entitled to for making your primary residence more energy efficient, especially if the end result is more business for them.  Simply put, helping you is good for them too.

We also help them to establish a certain level of trust with consumers like yourself in an age where consumers have every reason to be apprehensive and afraid.  Fraud, identity theft, telemarketing and home improvement scams continue to persist and will probably continue to grow at an alarming rate throughout our society.  Nevertheless, our sponsors want consumers like you to know that there
are highly qualified, credible, reputable contractors near you that meet or exceed industry standards who really want to help you get the improvements your home needs.  Our Pre-screening process provides consumers like you with a little peace-of-mind and your peace-of-mind is beneficial to each participating contractor because it’s that peace-of-mind that allowed them the opportunity to earn your business.

What programs do I qualify for?
Although most consumers can qualify for at least one or two of the programs posted on this website or listed on any postcard or letter you may have received in the mail, the answer to this question really depends on the types of improvements you need, your property type, the total cost of your improvements, your household income, your age (i.e. some programs are for senior citizens only, etc.), your ability to pay back a more conventional or low interest loan, etc.

Because of the variety and complexity of programs available to consumers, and to help protect your privacy, NRIA Consumer Service Representatives will
never ask for personal financial information from any consumer (i.e. your Social Security number or for your permission to pull your credit score, etc.).  Instead, we provide the eligibility requirements for numerous government sponsored home improvement grants, low interest loan programs and tax credits, etc. to our participating contractors to help them better assist you.

They will only ask for personal financial information
after you have permitted them to do so and only for the purpose of helping you determine which direction to pursue in order to get the improvements your home needs.

Who is the NRIA Authorized Contractor for my area and where are they located?
To find out who the Authorized Contractor, Lender or Mortgage Broker is for your area, you can either call our Consumer Services Department toll free at (877)591-2672 or you can click the Contractors link at the top of this page and enter your zip code.  You will also be able to view the information we discovered during our due diligence process.  

Please note: The nearest NRIA Authorized Contractor, Lender or Mortgage Broker to your zip code returned in your search results may not necessarily be licensed to offer their products or services within your city or county.  Please call us toll free at (877)591-2672, and we will provide you with only those that are properly licensed for your particular city, county or State.

Where is the National Residential Improvement Association located?
Our headquarters is located in Suffolk, Virginia and our growing network of Pre-Screened Contractors are located throughout the United States.

“I called my local Better Business Bureau and they say they have no record of your organization.”  Why is that?
Because our organization is similar in nature, we are not members.  However, if you click on this link and type out our entire name (National Residential Improvement Association), you will find that no consumer has ever complained about our organization.

What does it mean to be “pre-qualified” to participate in your program?
We focus most of our sponsors resources in one particular area at a time which allows them to operate far more efficiently.  This is how we help them justify the discounted pricing we require them to pledge to in writing.  We simply ask them to pass some of these savings along to you, the consumer.

Being “pre-qualified” means that you are entitled to this discounted pricing if you choose to participate in our program.  You are also entitled to any educational materials we publish regarding all of the programs listed on this website or on any postcard or letter you may have received from us free of charge and without any future obligation to purchase anything at any time.

How did you get my information?
We usually concentrate most of our sponsor’s resources into one particular area at a time which is how we try to help them justify the discounted pricing we ask them to pledge in writing to.  We then assign project numbers to each of those areas.  We usually saturate all single family homes within that particular area with what we call “resident/occupant” mail (that is, mail that is addressed to “resident or occupant” and not any actual name).  However, in an effort to reach real property owners that can actually benefit from the information we provide, we sometimes find it necessary to purchase lists of property owners from from various list suppliers.  These lists are usually compiled from phone directories, public records, etc.  We never “mine” this data or sell it to any other company at any time.  The only information we ever provide to any sponsor is the information you volunteer and give us permission to pass on to the participating sponsor for your area.

Are you a Non-Profit Organization?
No. National Residential Improvement Association earns profit from program sponsors on the educational materials we publish and on other expenses associated with administering the program. This is how we are able to provide all of our services to consumers free of charge.

Why did the NRIA Contractor ask me so many questions?

In order to determine what types of programs a consumer may be eligible for, NRIA Authorized Contractors must ask you questions about yourself and your household.

What is NRIA’s Privacy Policy?

NRIA Authorized Contractors are expressly prohibited from selling or disclosing personal information to any third party for any reason or purpose other than a) to determine what types of programs the consumer may be eligible for or b) to facilitate the application process for a program the consumer may qualify for.

If you have additional questions that have not been answered on this page or throughout this website, please do not hesitate to our Consumer Services Department at (877) 591-2672.