NRIA Has Provided Millions of Consumers With
Free Information on Government Sponsored
Home Improvement Loan and Grant Programs

National Residential Improvement Association (NRIA) is not a contractor or lender, does not sell home improvement products and does not offer or arrange for home improvement loans. All services provided by NRIA are free to consumers. NRIA has provided millions of consumers throughout the United States with free information on federal, state and local programs that may help pay for needed home improvements. No affiliation with or endorsement by any city, county, state or federal government agency is inferred or implied.

NRIA is a private sector, non-government association of thoroughly pre-screened contractors that endeavor to help consumers get the home improvements they need by utilizing a wide variety of programs that most consumers are not aware of. These programs which provide homeowners with grants, special low interest or government backed loans, tax credits or incentives, etc. are not generally advertised or promoted. NRIA instructs pre-screened contractors all over the country on the eligibility requirements for these programs which enables them to inform, educate and better assist consumers on a regional level.

NRIA also fosters better relationships and mutual trust between consumers and contractors through a thorough pre-screening and dispute resolution process which provides consumers with added security and peace of mind. Regional NRIA Authorized Contractors must provide proof of current business license (as applicable), current contractor’s license (as applicable) and proof of insurance coverage. Copies of these documents remain in each Regional NRIA Authorized Contractor’s compliance file at NRIA headquarters. Based on information obtained during our due diligence process and information provided by local consumer reporting agencies, the Regional NRIA Authorized Contractor for your area has been deemed by the Association to be a credible, reputable contractor which has consistently maintained a satisfactory rating with local consumer reporting agencies.

Regional NRIA Authorized contractors must also pledge in writing to offer discounted rates on the home improvement products and services they offer for the program which is also documented and on file at NRIA. They are required to provide these discounts whether the consumer’s home improvements are paid for with government grants, special low interest or government backed loans, programs available through the city, county or state in which the consumer resides or programs which may be offered directly through the Regional NRIA Authorized Contractor.

Programs are available for a variety of household incomes and credit scores. Regional NRIA Authorized Contractors pledge to distribute detailed information regarding programs listed herein upon consumers’ request.